Roller Coaster Fun- Top Things To Do In Blackpool

While on most fathers days you take the old man out for a meal and a few cheeky pints this year I decided to take him and the rest of my family on a day trip to Blackpool, one of Britain most popular old fashioned sea side towns. Here is a list of 9 things Blackpool has to offer which I would recommend you doing if the travel there yourself:

1) Blackpool Pleasure Beach Theme Park and Shows:

Obviously, being big kids, this is the first place we headed. Home to some of Britain’s oldest and most rickety roller coasters. Head to the Mad Mouse or Grand National for some of the oldest there, you’ll be leaving with bruises and well as thrills but boy is it worth it. For you bigger thrill seeker it also houses Revolution (a 360 looped track which takes you backwards as well as forwards), Infusion (a multiple inversion roller coaster suspended over water) and of course ‘the big one’ Pepsi Max, once record holder for being the highest and fastest coaster in Britain and one of my personal favourites. There is also lots to keep the children entertained with Nickelodeon land and multiple family coasters not to mention my favourite ride of all: Valhalla, which is in my opinion the best water ride in Britain (you will get soaked!). Even if you don’t like coasters they have a fantastic selection of shows such as Hot Ice and Circus of Horrors from around £10 pp. All in all it is a fantastic day out, and with tickets from £23 pp who can complain.

2) Blackpool Tower and the Dungeon

Possibly what Blackpool’s most famous for, hardly the Eiffel tower but fun none the less. If you’re daring enough head to the top look down at the people 158 meter below you from the glass floors, or look out at the breathtaking views of the sea. Or head down to the lower levels of the tower and watch the Circus show, or test your dance skills in the ballroom. You could even venture down to the dungeon and ride the stomach churning drop ride and then have a walk round experiencing many spooks and giggles. Tickets for all 5 experiences can be purchased from £30pp or for one experience £20. They also do great deals in association with Blackpools other attractions such as Tussauds and Sea Life, see link below.

3) Madame Tussauds

Curtoesy of

If you’re craving a little less adventure but still want to be entertained Madame Tussauds and Sea Life Blackpool are the perfect choice. Having a look around and take some selfies with the many familiar faces you will see (no one has to know they’re made of wax!). Tickets from £13pp.

4) Sea Life Blackpool.

If like me, wax statues give you the creeps (House of Wax anyone??) then have a walk around Blackpool Aquarium. Not only can you experience seeing some of the most fascinating ocean dwellers but you can even go snorkelling for sharks!!!!. Perfect day for the family. Tickets from £13, shark experience from £40.

5) Sandcastle Water Park

Now to one of my personal favourites…Sandcastle Water Park! Being a lover of water and a complete water sports girl, spending the day whizzing around water slides at super fast speeds sounds perfect to me! There is over 18 slides, a wave pool, fun pools and much much more. What more can you ask from the UK’s largest indoor water park? Tickets from £15pp.

6) The Piers, Beach and Amusements

Now what would a day in Blackpool be without a childhood favourite; the amusements. Who can forget your parents giving you a giant pot of 2 p’s to incessantly put in the machine trying you hardest to win a keyring? A trip to the amusements is just necessary when visiting Blackpool, as is having a walk along the piers munching on some candy-floss and riding on the waltzers. Best thing is, they’re free!!

7) Shopping

Now for all you shopaholics out there, Blackpool offers a great range of stores, from the most popular retail stores to little independently own shops and giant markets, Blackpool has a lot to offer if you want some new threads.

8) Food and Drink

Along the sea front you will find an abundance of places to eat and have a quiet drink. From small cafes and classic fish and chips shops to classy restaurants and pub meals, there is plenty on offer, have a look at the link below for some awesome deals:

9) Nightlife

And now for the part you’ve been waiting for, the reason most people take a trip to this lovely sea side town; its infamous night-life. When I went I was quite impressed to see a lack of rowdy teens and pervy stag do’s roaming the streets; I was even more impressed to see the night-life remains just as good without them. There is an abundance of pub and clubs to suit everyone’s taste, and plenty of takeaways to satisfy the kebab cravings afterwards. See below for the top 30 clubs in Blackpool

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