Top 10 Must Do’s in North Wales

Wales is one of my favourite destinations for a cheap and fun little holiday. Weather you’re camping or relaxing in a hotel I’ve made a list of some of the most adventurous and fun things to do in North Wales.

1) Towyn Market and Fun Fair

Rhyl, Towyn, Abergele and Llandudno are great as they’re all along the same stretch of beech and all offer their own awesome attractions. Towyn is fantastic as not only does it have a great beech and amusements but also has a fantastic market if you’re a bit of a shopahollic. The market stores also have fantastic deals, especially if you’re self catering definitely take a wonder down as the meat store has some fantastic bbq meat deals! And don’t forget about the great fun fair right next door to the market, whether you’re holidaying with children or not some thrill rides are always great to keep the boredom at bay!

2) Rhyl Sea Aquarium and Town

Rhyl is fantastic for a good day out. It is full to the brim of shops, shops and more shops if you want a bit of a splurge. Not to mention the fact that it has so many amusements it almost puts Towyn to shame! But they’re not my favourite parts about Rhyl, no my absolute favourite thing about Rhyl is definitely the Rhyl Sea Aquarium! For £10 you get a stamp to come back all day and have a wonder around all the amazing sea life it has to offer, if you’re brave enough there’s even a shark feeding to watch not to mention SEALS! Yes! I adore seals which is why this is one of my favourite aquariums as not only can you the seal show but you can also have pictures with and feed the very creatures themselves. To sum it up in one word…AWESOME!

Price are £9.50 pp.

3) Llandudno & Welsh Mountain Zpp

Llandudno is yet another great shopping town to splash some cash in! It also holds a fantastic pier with fun rides and the classic Punch and Judy show to keep children entertain whilst you enjoy a cheeky pint in one of the many great pubs adorning the sea side town! Check it out for a relaxing day break!  Or why not go and see some awesome animals at the Welsh Mountain Zoo just up the road in Colwyn, it is a fantastic day out, there’s even a petting zoo and a play area for extra fun!

Prices: £12 pp

4) Go Below

Now here’s one for you adventurers out there. “Adventure starts where daylight ends”. Go below offers 3 different adventures (all varying in prices) which take you underground into an abandoned mine for 5+ hours where you zip-line, scramble, clime, abseil and even free fall to make your way back out again. Go Below Challenge is the one I would recommended starting with, it is the easiest out of the four but don’t let that fool you, there is still dizzying heights, 80ft climbs and awesome zip wiring to be done. I have done the Challenge adventure twice and loved it every time; even if I was scared to death at some points. It may be a little pricier than some of the stuff on this list but I would still highly recommend as it is probably my favourite adventure on this list!

Prices: Go Below Challenge £39 pp,       Go Below Extreme £59 pp      Ultimate Extreme £79 pp

5) Bounce Below

Although sharing a similar name Bounce Below has no association with and is a completely different experience than Go Below. Bounce Below is essentially a giant cavern filled with trampoline nets, slides and tunnels to awaken your inner child. From £20 pp it is just awesome fun check out the video below to see what I mean!

6) Mountain Climbing

If there’s one thing Wales is known for it’s mountains! Whether it’s Snowdon or Tryfan, scrambling or hiking, get out your walking boots and give it a go! Best thing about it…It’s FREE! I’d personally recommend starting with Snowdon, although it’s the largest out of the welsh mountains it has some of the easiest routes for beginners; Tryfan and other mountains tend to require a little more skill as you do have to scramble and climb in order to reach the summit. Even if you’re not fond of mountains there’s some fantastic walks around Wales so get up, get active and move your butt!

Half way up Tryfan



7) Zip World

Zip World is run by the same company as Bounce Below and offers 3 record breaking zip-lining experiences. Zip World Velocity is the longest zip line in the Northern Hemisphere not to mention the fastest zip line in the world!! Zip World Caverns offers an awesome underground zip lining course and I cannot wait to have a go of this one! And finally Zip World Titan is the largest zip zone in Europe! So get in your adrenaline junkie mode and get zipping, I dare you!

Prices:  Zip World Velocity: £60 pp         Zip World Caverns: £60pp          Zip World Titan: £50 pp (summer) £35 pp (winter)

8) Tree Top Adventure Snowdonia

Now this is another fantastic one for you thrill seekers! There is an abundance of high rope and adventure courses, a sky ride and power fan plummet, even a junior course to awaken the little ones sense of adventure. So attach yourself to the ropes and get daring!

Prices:   Adventure Course: £28 pp      Power fan and sky ride: £25 pp          Tree Top Junior Tree Trail:  £12

9) Spa’s

After all that Adventure why not go and have a relaxing day at some of the most renowned welsh spa’s to recover! Prices vary per treatment and spa. See the link below for some of the best spa’s to visit!

10) Water Sports

For one last splash of adrenaline before you head home why not have a go at some water sports. Whether you’re having a crack at surfing, racing down some white water rapids or having a relaxing sail there’s much to offer! Check out all the links below for my recommendations!!

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