Sunshine, Beaches and Adventure: Majorca Holiday Review

Now when people mention Majorca your mind atomactically jumps to one place, Magaluf (or shagaluf as its most commonly reffered to) but I want to show you there much more too this tiny island than just a town full of teenage rawkus (which itself isn’t actually as bad as it’s portrayed).


We stayed just in the middle of Palma Nova and Magaluf in a Hotel called Hi! Honolulu ($ja=crid:7078262259|cgid:2888982592|tsid:69757|cid:91297432|mt:bp|crid:7078262259|kw:hi%20honolulu%20magaluf). Now for a quick hotel review, all in all it was a pretty pleasant stay, it was in a nice location about a 5 minute walk from the beach (however was atop a very steep bank which means I would not recommend this hotel for the elderly or anyone else who would have particular difficulty walking up it) it was also only 2 minuets away from the infamous Magaluf strip which means you are never far from any night time entertainment or day time shopping. The view from the restaurant in this hotel was incredible; however, the food not so much, whilst our stay there I heard of a few people complain about food poisoning and the food itself wasn’t great, it was overly seasoned and was the same type of thing night after night. The drinks were self service which meant less queues however I would have much preferred bar staff. As for the rooms they were pretty average, cleaned well enough there was only three things I could find major fault in; one being the air con…which was pretty much non existent, as your key card is also used to activate the electricity supply in your room you cannot leave the air con on whilst your out which means you return to a boiling hot room which takes over 7 hours cool off with the outdated air condition system. The shower made you feel like you either in Mordor or joining Jon Snow on the Wall, there was no in-between, the temperature kept fluctuating between each extreme. Lastly the vent in out bathroom, now whilst I say the rest of the hotel was reasonably hygienic this was the let down, from the first day arriving there we constantly heard squeaking and scratching from the vents which we were almost 100% sure was coming from rats however we never made a complaint because as you will see below, we barely spent any time in the hotel.


Although I have floods of wanderlust and adventure in my blood it’s nice to sometimes take a relaxing day by the pool. Being all inclusive we had a free bar and being a water girl it was difficult to get me out of the pool once in it however in this particular hotel the pool was quite small and each time we decided to go take a dip was surrounded by the most annoying set of girls you can imagine which is why we decided to rely on the beach when we wanted a relaxation day.


Majorcan beaches are just beautiful, that’s all I can say. They are super clean, the sands soft and the waters warm; what more can you ask for? There is plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for hire or you can just do what we did and buy two lilo’s and find a palm tree for shade. Along the beach front there is an incredible range of bars and restaurants if you’re feeling peckish. There is also an abundance of things to do on the beach, from banana boats to an inflatable obstacle course and even little padelo boats and boats parties to go on you will never find yourself bored wandering down to the beautiful beaches.


Now I am usually not a big fan of these types of places, I would much rather see an animal free in it’s natural habitat rather than cadged and forced to perform tricks however my boyfriend really wanted to go check it out so I but the bullet and finally agreed to go with him. I could write a whole blog post about how I am against the captivity of animals in places like this however in order to give a good review I am not going to include any personal opinions on that subject in this review. We paid 50 euro for two people entrance and transport to the park. They had a wonderful array of beautiful animals on display however it only took you around an hour to complete the whole park. The shows however were pretty incredible. Although I dislike the captivity of animals I really do love seeing the bonds they create with their trainers and how much the trainers care for them. They have a sea lion and dolphin show which are both breath-taking and show a full range of each animals abilities. There is also opportunities to have your photograph taken with the dolphins and sea lions and also an opportunity to have a swimming experience with the dolphins. The park also offers a parrot show which is incredible. Before seeing this show I was naïve to how clever these birds truly are. I would definitely recommend watching it as not only is it breath-taking but also hilarious, seriously, who couldn’t love parrot skateboard races. All in all however I do not really recommend spending your money on this attraction unless you wish to pay for the experience with the dolphins too. You are there for 5+ hours and to be honest there isn’t a whole lot to do. The park is relatively small and the shows only take up half an hour each at most. If you find yourself in Majorca I would much advise you spending your money on a different attraction rather than this one.


Now unfortunately 2 of our days we spent there ended up being stormy and rainy which made us unable to do as much as we had planned. However the cooler air did allow us the opportunity to explore much father on foot both into Magaluf and Palma Nova. There is a fantastic range of shops in both directions plus plenty of bars, we even stopped off for a game of crazy golf. So if you want to come home with plenty of souvenirs I would recommend taking a walk into Palma nova and having a wander around all the fantastic shops and markets that are on offer!

Western Water Park:

This was by far probably the most fun-est thing we did whilst there. We are both super adrenaline junkies and this was the perfect place to quench that taste. A major plus about it is if you are staying in Magaluf or Plama Nova it is in about a half an hours walk away so you can soak up some sun rays on the way there. The water rides there were just epic, one of my personal favourites was the ‘Boomerang’ along with the ‘beast’ which is definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

It also has a fantastic swimming pool, a kids play pool and ride section, some great entertainment and shows and also a ‘Bath House’ which offers a hot tub and plunge pools if you find yourself seeking a bit of relaxation after all the fun. Ticket were the 50 euro for 2 people with transport but as I mentioned above it is in walking distance if you wanted to save a couple of euros. The only recommendation I would have about going here is to take your own food and drink, the food prices there were slightly on the expensive side, although the food was delicious I do not think it was worth as much as we paid. Also ensure you take plenty of sun block and water with you as you are out in the open all day with no shelter/shade and are constantly in and out of water so make sure you keep yourself hydrated and protected.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday especially for my age group, we had an awesome time and would happily return except maybe in a different hotel, there is still much more we want to do and explore on this island.

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